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Social media is quickly becoming, if not a requirement, a highly encouraged marketing channel for successful businesses. But, as social media is relatively new and unexplored, very few individuals understand the best practices for approaching social media and the results can sometimes be disastrous. Many businesses need general advice about how to approach social media as well as an idea on what type of strategy to implement, but don’t necessarily have the budget to hire one individual dedicated toward social media. That’s where I come in.


Look, I ain't in this for your revolution, and I'm not in it for you, Princess.

I do several different types of social media reports to assist companies develop their overall social media strategy. The essential purpose of these reports are to gather as much data as possible for the client and attempt to create a report on their current status and what they can do to improve. Social Media Reports come in four forms: Social Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Social Strategy, and Custom.


Examining the analytics of your current social media accounts and giving you a general report on the current status of the accounts and suggest best practices for the future.


Advising on whether your current strategies are in line with your current competitors and suggest ways to match or differentiate yourself from competitors.

Social Strategy

Assessing the benefits of the current channels you’re utilising and generating a general plan over a span of time that will assist in meeting a particular marketing goal


If you’d like a combination of others or a report that gives you specific data, I’m willing to combine or discuss custom report options.

“Lola has only been with us two weeks but already they are demonstrating great creativity. Lola is easy to along with and clearly has a great deal or expert knowledge around Social Media and so has been very helpful in advising us on this emerging field. – Dominic Davies, Pink Therapy”

Please contact me to discuss the options for your report and lead time.


Look, I ain't in this for your revolution, and I'm not in it for you, Princess.

I’ve posted a few examples of some of the social media reports I’ve done in the past for different companies on my website so that you can get an example of the types of work that I do. I can always do more, less, or something in different formats depending on your needs. I’m pretty flexible when it comes to reports and what I do. It’s just a matter of time. I’ve also included below some of the examples of the content writing I’ve done just in case you’ve come here for a look at that.

Social Media Reports

Other Content

“A creative and adaptable writer who takes time to understand the brief, embed themselves into the mindset of clients, and deliver – on time and on task. Oh – and Lola’s a really great person to work with too! - Kirstie Kelly-Batt, Recruitment Technology and Employer Brand Expert”


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About Me

I’m an American expat living in London and hoping for the chance to get to stay. I’ve been working with social media professionally for around five years now. While I’ve only recently begun writing professional content, I’ve been writing almost anything my entire life from poems to short stories to novels to fanfiction to songs to… anything really.


I also do a lot of volunteering with Gendered Intelligence and organising an LGBT youth group. I’ve competed in NaNoWriMo 2011, 2012, and 2013.



Quad Digital

Nov 2013 – Present

Content Marketing Executive

Managing and advising on social media strategy, building relationships with publishers, and editing an online magazine.


Jan 2013 – Nov 2013

Content Marketing Manager

Writing and producing a variety of content including blogs, e-books, and other documents for marketing and SEO.


Feb 2012 – Nov 2013

Social Media Manager

Producing content, managing newsletter distribution, and social media outlets for RBS ESSA and RBS EnterprisingU.


Feb 2012 – Nov 2013

Marketing Consultant

Consulting and advising the account manager for Pink Therapy’s social media and providing guidance for best practises.


Oct 2011 – Dec 2012

Media Engagement Manager

Managed social media, designed promotional contests, made links with other brands, and maintained website.


Social Media

Social Networking


Social Media Marketing

Web Content Management


“Lola offers a vibrant and social media savvy flavour to group work and co-ordinating activities, projects and events. Lola has good input thoughts and opinions on all matters, is self motivated and is a great team player. – Jay Stewart, Gendered Intelligence”


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